Cooperative Capacity Partners Job Vacancy: Organizational Assessments Consultants, Jakarta - Indonesia

Cooperative Capacity Partners is looking for Organizational Assessments Consultants

Cooperative Capacity Partners (CCP) is a consulting firm newly moved to Jakarta that helps partners and partnerships increase power sharing, cooperation, and performance so that local agents at all levels can take charge of their own development.

CCP is starting its operations in Indonesia and is looking for up to 3 short term organizational assessment consultants starting in February 2023. However, we are inviting those interested to learn more of CCP to a meeting to introduce our model this month, November 29th.

Our integrated organizational and partner assessment tools offer the following benefits for organizations:
  • 5 indicators of management practices that corelate to organizational performance and results
  • A simple process for sorting and selecting the best actions to improve cooperation and performance, thus reducing the risk of efforts to improve management
  • Management development plans with measurable indicators that fit into any goal-based planning and monitoring system
And for partnerships:
  • 5 indicators of partnership management practices that corelate to partnership performance and results
  • An Assessment of the cultural and management fit of potential partners in order to compare the potential performance of each possible partnership
  • Partnership development plans with measurable indicators that fit into any goal-based planning and monitoring systems
  • Assessment of the partnership system to identify strengths and weaknesses in that system
  • Plans and strategies to maximize the effectiveness of one’s own performance given the strengths and weaknesses of the other organizations in the partnership system
The organizational assessments consultants will work with the Direktur for three months (February through April) to learn CCP’s organizational and partnership assessment model and to develop materials in Bahasa Indonesia. The core tasks for the organizational assessment consultants will be to learn the details cooperative capacity model, gain the ability to do the assessments described above, and work with the Direktur to create and develop the tools for the assessment in Bahasa Indonesia.

At the end of the three months, the organizational consultants will have the tools they need to apply, if they wish, the cooperative capacity model in their own work (with the provision that they feedback their experience to CCP so that we can continue to improve our tools and methods).

The best candidates will have experience in organizational assessments such as the various forms of organizational capacity assessment tools (OCATs) used by USAID, PACT, and other donors and NGOs.

If interested in these positions, please send a CV to or WA +62 812 96789556.

Those who would like to learn more about CCP are invited to an introduction meeting to hear an overview of our work. This meeting will be held from 10:00am to 12:00 am (followed by lunch) on November 29th 2022 at the Impact Hub at floor 18 in The H Tower on Rasuna Said. Please contact Frank Page at the addresses above if you would like to attend (RSVP) or have more questions.