Communication Advisor for Program Supporting Women Security - Friends Of The United Nations Europe, Italy

Closing date:  04 Aug 2012

The Organization Friends Of The United Nations Europe (FOUN Europe), in close collaboration with the international association World Association Sports International (WASI Sport) is seeking for a Communication Advisor (CA) in order to directly support an innovative and very big communication program addressed to the promotion of women working in security fields (Army, Police and Private Security) born to help through communication the diffusion of United Nations Security Council n° 1325.

This program is constituted by a series of Web/TV documentaries which have as protagonists the most skilled women trained in security techniques and belonging to Army, Police, as well other Security Agencies of the country.

At this time, we need volunteers interested in supporting the program through a process of communication and dissemination in the country, using social networks and every other possible mean to making the project known to all potential stakeholders, including Government agencies, news agencies and potential private partners.

In addition it will be asked to our CA to investigate opportunitites and to establish contacts in order to bring the project also in its/her country.

This program is a real innovation and it will take place in many countries, then the collaboration with our CA selected will not terminate, but will continue to spread the message of Resolution 1325 in a constantly way through all other communications-related programs.
The key aspect of our communication program is the presentation of highly trained and skilled women working for Army, Police and Security, with a consistend background in personal security and defense methods.

For this reason, we strongly encourage applications from women with background in self defense, martial arts and/or combat sports because of their affinity with the protagonists of the documentaries.

Currently we are working on a first series of this program, which is addressed to Israel, then our CA will help spread the project and engage people, organizations as well private groups who want to support it in any possible way.

For more information on our first documentary series please check the following website:

To learn more about organizations working at the project, follow these links below: (english) (italian)

Please note that this is a voluntary support, therefore it requires very little time and is designed only to spread the project and find supporters and people interested to share information about that.

However, the selected CA will have a dedicated page into the FOUN Europe website and it will be indicated as official spokesperson of the project in its/her country.

It is also possible that we will select more than a single CA to give even greater dissemination to the project, depending on the applications that will arrive.
How to apply: 
All people possibly interested to volunteer for the project can send an e-mail to the following address:

Feel free to ask everything you need to know about the project and we will do our best to answer to all. In case of no response from our part, we apologize but it does mean that we have really received too many requests and we can not materially respond to all.
Thanks for your attention.