Jan Sahas Job Vacancy: Research Consultants from Asia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Bangladesh & Nepal

Short-Term Research Consultants from Asia

Jan Sahas, founded in 2000, is a non-profit organization working towards building awareness and community empowerment of the most socially excluded communities, primarily in the domains of safe migration and sexual violence against women and children within India. Our work on safe migration has enabled us to work intensively with 1 million+ migrant communities to ensure their social protection and safe migration in India.

The organisation is currently working on a project titled, Regional Study on Internal Migration in Asia. This project is a qualitative study aimed at generating knowledge around internal migration and social protection of migrants. Our aim through the project is to understand and lay the groundwork for the extensive task of safe migration of internal migrants in the region.

We are looking for short-term research consultants from each of the following countries - (South-east Asia) Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand; (South Asia) Bangladesh and  Nepal - who will assist in carrying out primary research for this project. The Consultant must be a resident of the country relating to which the application is made.

Scope of Work
In line with the broader scope of this assignment, the successful candidate is expected to focus on the following: 
  • Sample Design: Assist the Jan Sahas team with sample design for migrant workers that need to be interviewed in the country.
Primary Data Collection:
  • Conduct in-depth interviews with at least 20 migrant workers.
  • Conduct Focus Group Discussions with at least 30 internal migrants within the country to document their experience of migration.
  • Conduct interviews with at least 3 NGO leaders, civil society activists, labour department officials, subject experts working directly with internal migrant workers (from each country).
  • Desk Research: Develop a country narrative, which assesses the context of internal migration within the country on the basis of inputs provided by the Jan Sahas team.
  • Review and provide detailed feedback on the final text of the research report as well as cross check for accuracy of text.
*The research outputs must be provided in English.

The research will be carried out from August to September 2021. The number of days to be determined and agreed with the Consultant but expected not to exceed 20 days.

The timelines are subject to revision, especially considering the developing situation around the pandemic COVID-19.

Requirements for Qualification and Competencies
  • An in-depth knowledge and experience working in the field of internal migration within their country, focusing on protection of the rights of internal migrants, and in researching on issues related to internal migration/or working directly with migrants.
  • An in-depth knowledge of the national and state level policies around internal migration within the specific country (Cambodia/ Indonesia/ Thailand/ Nepal/Bangladesh)
  • Excellent writing, editing, and oral communication skills in English and Khmer/ Indonesian/ Thai/ Nepali/Bengali, depending on the country involved.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in undertaking research on issues related to internal migration
  • Previous experience of conducting qualitative interviews and focus group discussions.
  • Strong general research and analytical skills, and ability to work under pressure and meet tight delivery deadlines
  • The Consultant must be locally based within the country (Cambodia/Indonesia/ Thailand/Nepal/Bangladesh) for which the research is to be conducted.
Application process
Applications must be submitted by e-mail to the following addresses ameena.k@jansahasindia.org & hr@jansahasindia.org and must contain:
  • Letter of interest (max 1 page) explaining why they are interested in this project and are the most suitable for the work.
  • At least two (2) writing samples which demonstrates their research experience in the field of internal migration or link to previous publications.
  • The CV of the Consultant
The deadline for submission of applications is 07 August 2021. Please mention “Research Consultant - Cambodia/Thailand/Indonesia/Bangladesh/Nepal research” in the subject line.